QUE.COM is now live

QUE.COM Game Studio

QUE.COM Game Studio

It’s out of BETA. It’s ready to serve YOU, come visit QUE.COM community make sure you use the SSL secure sessions to protect your activity. Here’s the link to start website.

Yes it is in a Cloud Computing Technology.

It took a while to complete the infrastructure for QUE.COM choosing the right cloud computing technology or solutions that will benefits our users at the acceptable budget to implement within our business model.

The infrastructure will auto scale as needed to support the users growth and activities. This will be our main technology architecture or foundation for photo sharing (we are lucky to have to promote the photo service), repository for online games (see http://Games.QUE.COM), and community interactions for feedback/suggestions.

The database and storage are in content delivery network (CDN) for faster delivery so you can see the contents and images a lot faster. Yes, this cost us a lot of money but I believe revenue will follow it.

To sum it up, here’s what we accomplish so far.

  • The website sessions is secure through SSL digital certificate encryption. We got the SSL from, cheaper cost.
  • Database is mirrored to one or more copies across United States.
  • Storage is secure using SSL digital certificate encryption.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) is enabled for fast access to content and images e.g. photos.
  • Games Online web access is fast to load.

Leave us a your feedback to improve our service.

Thank you.


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