QUE.COM after moving to WordPress

Updated report after 10 days moving to WordPress. It’s all good.


We are in the process of moving QUE.COM to WordPress so we can concentrate to making beautiful 3D Games.

Please accept our advance apology if you experience any technical glitch or bugs while we transition to our new home. We will try our best to minimize downtime.

If you have any concern, please use our contact page to get in touch.

=== Updated February 23, 2015 ===

Last February 13, 2015 we announced moving our website to WordPress hosting to address some technical issues listed below.

  1. Security against malicious users.
  2. Faster loading of website.
  3. Better spam protection.
  4. Lower cost to maintain.
  5. Easy content management system.

Ten days after, see our website improvements.


See the live monitoring chart above. The fastest website loading average dropped to .386 seconds from above 2 seconds. With this rate, I’m assuming the average response time will go down under .400 seconds from 1.224 seconds. The slowest…

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