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SSL is activated

This is to inform our community that our website is now using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide encryption from your workstation to the website. This means that middle-man attack is prevented while browsing the entire site.

The SSL security measures is added to the existing security already in place. Here are the short list:

  • DNS layer protection
  • Using secure connection from social networks like FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other.
  • Now, always on HTTPS like accessing your bank account

Applying all possible security measures to protect your access and make yourself safe while doing business in our community.

If you have any suggestions please let us know. Always remember “Security is a product but a process”.

Thank you.




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  1. The only draw back of changing from HTTP to HTTPS, all reference to Social Media Networks are reset to zero. 😦

    That’s okay for securing our business community.


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