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Upgrading our brand

Robot hand holding lots of dollar notes

We love short domain name to drive traffic to our website. This is the most cost effective way of advertising our products, services and of course our website.

To cut the story short, this is to inform all our partners and customers that we are re-branding from Domain Broker Services to Management of Assets and Joint Ventures.

The domain name business is growing continuously, slowly but steady market. We would like to prepare our business and get an upgrade of it’s own premium identity a three letter domain name e.g. short for Management of Assets and Joint Ventures.

Instead of selling I decided to give an upgrade using a premium domain name to easily market all the domains that we sell and help other domain investors broker their domain portfolio. gives organic traffic to our products and services. It will be a strong boost to market our domains and your domains too 🙂.

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Join us with our journey using our New Brand. New Identity –

Thank you,

Email: EM


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