About Us

Our Mission is to improve user experience.

IT Managed Services. We help our customers to bridge the gaps in IT to provide Technology Solutions, Management and Consulting Services.

With a 20+ years track record providing our customers exceptional Managed IT solutions, from domain name portfolio management, Managed Email, Managed Hosting, Managed SharePoint, Managed Security, IT Technical Support, and IT Infrastructure Consultant.

We are very active buying web properties to expand our network and support company’s strategic direction of future products and services. You will stumble some of our web properties powered by KING.NET.

Get in touch? Please send email to support @ king.net with your business name, and a brief description of your project.

General Mailbox: +1 571-249-1003 Please leave us a message with your name, contact number and a short message about your inquiry.

Postal Address: 12587 Fair Lakes Circle #248, Fairfax VA 22033 USA

Thank you.

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