– Bitcoin under $2000, Ethereum under $180, and other cryptocurrencies continue to dive.

This is weekend is normally a good break from all week of hard work, but I can’t pass this day without posting about the current state of cryptocurrencies.

One of my morning routine is to check cyber security news and cryptocurrencies market. Not so much on Cyber Security but a lot is going on cryptocurrencies.

To start with the Bitcoin is trading at $1998, the last time was $1992 per bitcoin last May 29, 2017. The panic of selling bitcoin is already felt for the last two weeks ahead of August 1 update whether the community of cryptocurrencies will support segwit and/or setwit2.

How about Ethereum? As of writing this article it is price at $180.86 per coin down 26.85%. The bitcoin is dragging down all cryptocurrencies because of it’s coming update. People think that almost every transaction is with bitcoin, this is incorrect with Ethereum. Please note that Ethereum platform is independent to Bitcoin, I can transact my Ethereum coins without any involvement of bitcoin. This is true to all ethereum decentralized platform. For example our very own QUE Coins does not need bitcoin, instead using Ether for every transaction, secure, faster and cheaper.

The social network cryptocurrency STEEM is also under a buck $0.938854. I bought some a couple days ago around $1.3 to increase my portfolio and also down 40.72% for the last 7 days of trading.

Let’s follow up this with EOS who’s founder is also a STEEM founder Dan Larimer, CTO of They are still at distribution phase ’till June 2018. Right now it is cheaper to purchase EOS coin at the exchange, you don’t have to wait for the 23 hours period to end. For example, July 14th period end at $1.49 where you can buy now for only $1.39 per coin.

As always, do your own due diligence before investing your hard earned money.

Stay Tune! for daily updates. Please note this article is updated as soon as we have something useful to share. So keep checking to stay ahead.

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