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What is a Block Media? 

Block Media is a new “classified” service dedicated to blockchain crypto currency and it’s market. Once a week, I intend to share information about the crypto currency market cap and highlight some of our supporters and advertisers by placing their ad campaign in our weekly Block Media post.

So how this works?

  • Every weekend (Saturday or Sunday) I will post the current top 10 crypto currency on the market. Of course, you will be able to see it online on other website but there is no fun on that:)
  • This page is promoted using a dedicated domain name … wait for it … it is called BlockMedia.comYes, it is a matching domain name.
  • As supporter or advertisers, you have the opportunity to advertise your STEEMIT name and link to get more exposure. For example, STEEMIT account @Yehey and Link:

HOWTO: BlockChain 101

It is affordable?

  • Absolutely, only 2.00 STEEM or STEEM BACKED DOLLARS (SBD)
  • Send it to @Yehey with your link at the memo.
  • And I will add your STEEMIT account and link to the current block media post where all the visitors of will be able to see your STEEMIT account and link. Reports – Weekly posts.

Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve this service.

STEEMIT using @Yehey

Thank you.


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