Become a Contributor

eBecoming a QUE.COM Interactive contributor can be rewarding in so many ways. We introduce you to the world using the most cost effective way, the Internet, Social Media and the popularity of Portal 🙂

We are a community without borders offering unique perspective on ideas what matters most to you.

Complete the form below if you’re interested so we can send you an invitation. And if you don’t receive any feedback from us within 24-48 hours, please send email to EM to follow up. You may also send the final draft of your article with proposed headline, contents and images, and your brief bio. Please note, we don’t accept Gambling, Hate and Adult related articles. And we can’t make publishing guarantees.

Something you need to know:

  1. Guest Post allowed a minimum of 1000 words and one external link for reference.  No Charge.
  2. Guest Post allowed to use two up to three external links for references. Priority queue for posting.
  3. Guest Author may create their own account using their real name e.g. First Name and Last Name.
  4. To give credit when credit is due. Do not plagiarize.

Guest Post Administrative Fee:

  • $195 per article. You may include two or three external links for references.
  • Make it $495 your article will be featured for 30 days in our main page.

Payment for Guest Post $195 and for Featured Article $495. You can also send payment using bitcoin.


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