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    Cognos is a business intelligence tool from IBM company. This is a web-based reporting tool. This helps to perform the data aggregation and to perform the reports. The reports include graphs, multiple pages, interactive prompts, and tabs. The reports can be viewed through web-based browsers. You can also view them in mobile phones. This Cognos tool provide an option to export the report in XML or pdf format. People can also view the reports in XML format also. There is also the availability of scheduled reports. Thus you can save a lot of time to view the report daily. There is no need to run the report every time. to get more on Cognos through Cognos tm1 online training

    Cognos provides various features. Cognos tool is also considered as enterprise software. It provides flexible reporting environment and this tool can be used by medium and large scale enterprises. Cognos meet the need of business managers, company executives and various users, etc. Here business executives want to summarize the data in dashboard style and visualization
    Some of the key features of Cognos technology are bringing data from various and multiple databases into a single set of users like managers and business executives. Cognos can handle a large volume of data which fulfills the medium and large enterprises
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    Hello sir, I just wanted to educate the audience on Cognos technology and provided useful links to learn on this technology. so this is the main reason I posted on this topics

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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