KING.NET is ForSale

I own KING.NET domain name for many years and goes live even before the other KING dot extension websites. It is not for sale, though I never say no to a promising offer.

I received numerous offer from investors and other curious/interested parties. Though no appealing offers to initiate  a negotiation. So the domain name remains FOR SALE.

I had listed KING.NET to Afternic in the fast, the after market of domain names and someone clicked the BUY NOW but never complete the transaction. Someone also clicked the Buy It Now using service, but the buyer is a fraud.  Business as usual.

And for your convenience, click the BUY NOW button below to start ESCROW transaction. You will need to log-in using your ESCROW account to view and initiate the transaction. It’s a pre-approved, meaning when you accept it, you’re ready to send the payment right away. You will have the domain name in 7-10 business days after confirmation of your payment.

I guess this post answers some of your questions regarding KING.NET domain name. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to send me email (em @ I will reply as soon as practical to your inquiry.

Thank you,


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