Plogging is exercise and caring for the environment all in one.

Plogging is eco-friendly workout while keeping your community clean. Initiated by Erik Ahlstrom “is the godfather of Trailrunning” in Sweden around 2016. Watch the video and learn how you can start an event in your community.

Back in 2005, I created as a free photo blogging platform slowly die down because of big social network. Fast forward, we are going to challenge everyone and the world to stay healthy while saving planet earth by jogging and picking up litter.

Plogging is a movement with one clear vision: a cleaner world. (2018 Erik Ahlstrom)

  • Create your own event, invite a friend to jog or walk while picking up litter.
  • Setup a Facebook page or other social media, invite friends, and friends of a friend.
  • Broadcast your event using Twitter or Instagram, invite them to join.
  • Post some photos and share to the world on they can help save the planet earth.
  • For school, communities and companies. Create an event, take a photos and share to the world. You can also send us email (support and we will post it here.

Remember, Plogging is exercise and caring for the environment all in one.

Let us know what you think. Use the form below, leave us a message or post your photos and activity here. We love to showcase your photos here.

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Join the Plogging community and help clean the world.

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