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We help our clients to establish their online business to sell their products, offer services, and marketing their brand. Sponsored by and

Online identity, domain names and web presence are keys to reach our customers around the globe without boundaries. We assist our clients to acquire the domain names needed to help expand their brands.

Practical Guidelines on how you choose your Internet Identity for your business website, email address, and matching social network. A Domain Name or Domain String will be your online brand that will represent your business, your email address, your product catalog, your services, and YOU forever as long as you use it. So here’s some ideas to start naming your domain name. By the way, I prefer to use the domain string because the domain extension doesn’t stop using .com .net .org .info .biz, soon (mid-late 2013) you will see 1900+ new (if approve) domain extension (string) e.g. .app .baby .baseball .blog .bingo .broker .business .cloud .company .dentist .dog .family .fish .finance .fitness .football .forum .foundation .green .hotel .inc .llc .corp .plumbing .services and many more. In short, you have a lot of options.

  • Descriptive. With available domain string, you can create a very descriptive internet identity to represent your company. For example MyCompany.LLC or RedSkinsFans.Football or or Smith.Family or or, it’s unlimited domain string available to you.
  • Short. Make it short as possible. For example, from to Joe.Plumbing, from to, from to 1234.hotel. It will be easy to remember, and great for smart phones.
  • Memorable. It will be your marketing tools, so make it memorable and easy to spell name.
  • Generic. Added value to your domain brand. Avoid using trademarks service names for products e.g. MyCompanyCoke.Inc or MyCompanyPepsi.LLC
  • Brandable for your products and services.

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