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Welcome to KING of Tanks Multiplayer Game – Que.com latest game.

This will be our reference project for future KING of Tanks multiplayer game improvement. We hope you enjoy playing games with us. Keep in mind this game is FREE you don’t have to pay to play.

Things to remember, you can easily come back to this page by going to the following links for quick access. We want you to bookmark this page :).

You can download the game and start playing with your friends wherever they are. The Game is FREE to play.

  • For iPhone. [waiting for Apple to approve the app]
  • For Android. [waiting for Google to approve the app]
  • For PC. You need to extract from zip file, then double click on Tanks application to start the game. Tested using Windows 10 PC.
  • For Linux. You need to extract from zip file.
  • For iMAC. [Updating link]
  • All available Games to play for free.

To support future development and free to play, send tip to My Ethereum Address: 0xeB6F0Af12930d30252Df3F159Bbff9504c78D866 (or using other cryptocurrencies).

Tech Support: Join our community for support.


First click the Create Game to host a game. You can create a server name. For example, QUEcomGAMES as shown below.


You have three modes of game play listed below.

  1. Last Man Standing. Last Tank remaining wins the round.
  2. Death Match. Kill, die, respawn.
  3. Team Death Match. Pick a side and fight to the end.

For this example, I will choose Death Match, then click Start. You will see the next screen LOBBY. I change my player name to QUEcom so other player will identify my gamer tag.


Now, let’s wait for other players to join our game. Or invite your friends to join in.

At HOME, click Find Game to join existing game play. When a new player join, you will be able to see them at the main LOBBY. When all players are READY, click READY beside your gamer tag e.g. QUEcom to start the game. Note. The gamer tag “YEHEYcom” is another player based somewhere in the World.


Let the Game begin and have fun.


More players more fun to play this multiplayer game. Invite your friends to download the app game, it’s free.

Let me know what you think, use comment form below to post your feedback.


Thank you.

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