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Yet Another New TLD – .Hospital

The .Hospital new TLD will be available for everyone to register this March 22, 2017. Still at Early Access Program (EAP) for the next two days, meaning you can register a domain name using .Hospital extension in advance. Of course with extra fee. I checked at Domain Name […] is for sale

Domain Name: is for sale, and also available for lease for 1-10 years terms. Domain Name: Creation Date: October 15,2007 Registrar: Enom / (easy push to your account) domain name is a brandable, marketing ready, short and easy to remember domain. This is one of the premium […]

Life.NU is for sale

Domain Name: Life.NU is for sale, and also available for lease for 1-10 years terms. Domain Name: Life.NU Creation Date: 2003-04-22 Registrar: Escrow is the preferred method of payment for fast and secure transaction. Please contact us today if you have any questions. Price is to high for your […] - Executive Meeting

Domain Investor Resources

New to Domain Name Investing? No problem, here are the resources I’ve used over the years in domain investing. I hope this will help cut short your research to build your knowledge based. Care to share your tools, reading materials, etc. drop me an email to EM @ MAJ.COM […] Market Place

I invite you to visit Market Place for Domain Names and let me know if you have any suggestions to improve our service. It’s been up for a while to sell our inventory. Now accepting domain name submission for listing. will randomly showcase your domain names in […]