Welcome to a public service website courtesy by To help educate Internet users on how to avoid sextortion, and be safe in cyber space.

Don’t be a victim or blackmailed. Watch the video for your information. Share with your family and friends. Use the Share This button below to share using your social network.

Video source from FBI.Gov

Aside website awareness, here are some useful websites to check out.

  • Sextortion – how not to become a victim.
  • Sextortion is an emerging form of online abuse, but little is known about it.
  • Trends identified in CyberTipline sextortion report.
  • What to do if you’re a victim of ‘sextortion’.

Recent News about Sextortion.

  1. 2017, April 5. Sextortion: How Hackers Blackmail Young Girls into Performing Sexual Acts.
  2. 2017, March 30. Ex-UAAP star falls victim to online ‘sextortion’. Philippines.
  3. 2017, March 27, Bill filed to protect children from “sextortion”.
  4. 2017, March 23. Sextortion, a new form of sexual exploitation.
  5. 2017, March 15. Oued Zem has been dubbed the world’s sextortion capital. Reported by The Sun
  6. 2017, Feb. 12. ‘Sextortion’ warning from RNC: It happens here in N.L.
  7. 2017, Feb. 10. Sextortion, lies and videotape: the Philippine cybercriminals who target men in Hong Kong and worldwide
  8. 2017, Feb. 10. Whittier man arrested for sextortion of teens on Kik app
  9. 2017, Feb. 9. Bond denied for former deputy accused of ‘Sextortion of 11 -year-old girl’ while on duty
  10. 2017, Feb. 8. Greenfield police warn teens about ‘sextortion’
  11. 2017, Feb. 2. Graphic artist nabbed for Facebook ‘sextortion’

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