Running Ecommerce Business Using WordPress

‘Success doesn’t come overnight, it takes years’. For most businesses today, there are many challenges which come alongside inhibiting success. There are endless pitfalls once you enter the market of 21st Century, and the number of solutions are quite minimal. Surviving amidst the giants of today, let alone […]


Coolest Solar Appliances for 2016

There are even cooler ways to heat up your food, power your gadgets, and improve your work week this year. Eco-conscious efforts are surging in popularity, which means green solutions are more abundant than ever. At Modernize, we’re passionate about living as sustainably as possible, so we’re excited about these cool […] - Baby Back Ribs

What’s Your BBQ IQ?

I received an email from to remind everyone on how to ensure grilled and smoke meats have reached the recommended internal temperatures to kill harmful germs. Summer grilling season kicks off every Memorial Day weekend. Consider using a meat thermometer to ensure your food is cooked at the […]


iAd App Network Discontinued

I received the final reminder from Apple regarding iAd App Network Discontinued. If you have a game using iAd it’s time to make a change. You are receiving this email because you entered into the Developer Advertising Services Agreement (“Agreement”) to use iAd’s advertising network and related services. […]


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