Bitcoin in court.

Bitcoin investor and early evangelist Roger Ver is suing a Hong Kong website operator for 4.40 million HKD, approx. 567,000 USD, over an alleged breach of agreement from the operator’s part. Roger Ver, an early bitcoin adopter who is now a fervent proponent and investor in bitcoin and […]

telebit-org-logo website is back.

Good to know website is back online. I posted last week that their website is down displaying the default WIX page. And I also noticed that their Telegram bot name now listed as @bitcoinwalletbot and not @telebit which is not working anymore. The last time I checked […]


What happen to

The website is down since September 13 when I first noticed it and still down when I write this article. The default page of WIX is shown when you visit, see the captured screen below. “Telebit, a new service that enables Telegram users to send bitcoins […] - Lumpia. Photography by EM@QUE.COM

Fresh Lumpia

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