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Cicret Bracelet

While waiting for iPhone 8 release this year. I’m also waiting to see Cicret Bracelet to be out early this year of 2017. with the Cicret Bracelet, you can do whatever you want on your arm e.g. use social networks, read email, check the weather, gps and other […]

Flyboard Air by Zapata Racing

Excellent invention. Watch the video and prepare to be amaze. And I want one! Here’s the specs. Zapata Racing has achieved the dream of mankind and offers you the first video of Franky Zapata flying on the innovation Flyboard® Air. The Independent Propulsion Unit represents 4 years of […]


Securing End-to-End Communications

This article was last published April 30, 2015 by US-CERT as a recommended approach to secure end-to-end communications. I am re-posting it to remind all hardworking network and/or system administrators around the globe on how to implement an excellent end-to-end secure communication. Enjoy. Systems Affected Networked systems Overview […]