A hardworking Entrepreneur, Investor, Innovator, and working on Data Scientist program. I started QUE.COM  “Ideas to Life” to showcase my tech gears, 3D Games, Photography, Travel, Robots, Drones, Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Word of God (using Acknowledgement.com Word of God. Word of Wisdom. One Bible verse a day.)

We continue to evolve, branching out in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning to Data Science.

Official website QUE.COM to showcase our products and services. And this is our company official logo.


We are proud to announce our official Que.com Logo on a premium T-Shirts merchandise. Soon you will be able to buy this beautiful logo on one of your favorite T-Shirt colors.

QUE.COM Online Games provides 2D/3D and MultiPlayer Games. We also create games for iOS, Android and Amazon smart phones. All games are free to play online, while iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones with a minimum one time fee to avoid showing ads. This is a better playing experience instead of playing for free but constantly displaying advertisement. I hope you will continue to play our games and support it.QUE.COM Game Studio

I am working to convert paid games to Free to Play or to Amazon Underground so you can play it for free using your iPhone or Android Smart Phones or Tablets.

QUE.COM is a web properties of KING.NET – Moscom LLC, a network of innovation, to provide our customers a complete solutions from brand awareness, digital strategy, internet identity to match their products and services, set up a website to build your online presence, from web to apps, and go live.

Our Mission is to improve user experience.

We help our customers to bridge the gaps in business providing Technology Solutions, Strategic Management and Consulting Services.

With a 25+ years track record providing our customers exceptional experience playing online, we also provide Managed IT solutions, from domain name portfolio management, Content Management, Managed Email, Managed Hosting, Managed SharePoint, Managed Security, IT Technical Support, IT Infrastructure, and Cyber Security.

Visit Moscom.com Managed WordPress Hosting 24×7 USA based Customer Services.

Get in touch? Please send us email with your brief message or use this form to us a note.

Thank you.


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