2015 KING of the NET

Welcome to 2015 KING of the NET Self Digital Advertising Edition. The concept is to give everyone a chance to advertise at KING.NET web site. The highest ad campaign will keep the No.1 KING of the NET ad spot. If the bid amount is the same, the first submitted entry will be higher. This is Ad Campaign for Year 2015, and QUE.COM Interactive is helping us spread the message.

Not Allowed: Adults, Gambling, Hate, Wares and related malicious sites.

Currently MAJ.COM retain the title of KING of the NET, the ad campaign must be higher to dethrone the current holder.

  1. MAJ.COM Web Property ($500, 20150214)
  2. NeedName.com Domain Name Registration Services ($100, 20150101)
  3. QUE.COM Game Studio ($100, 20150328)
  4. InsectInvasion.com Play 3D Game ($2, 20150130)
  5. MartianInvasion.com Play 2D Game ($2, 20150201)
  6. Downed.com Play 3D Game ($2, 20150130)

Visit KING.NET – 2015 KING of the NET for more details.

Thank you.

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