3 Tech Innovations for Seniors

For many years, technology has made our lives happier, easier and more efficient. With such rapid developments, we are seeing so many fun new devices like iPhones and virtual reality game consoles, but we are also seeing technologies that cater to growing trends and issues within society.

According to a report by the Population Reference Bureau, Americans aged 65 years and older are projected to increase from 46 million in 2016 to 98 million in 2060, and with that comes a growing need for innovative products that assist seniors in their day-to- day activities, health and safety. Luckily, we are already seeing new developments. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting ones currently on the market:

Medical Alert Systems

As a handy little device that can be carried anywhere you go, medical alert systems connect people with emergency help with a simple click of a button. Perfect for seniors living alone or those who are not always monitored, it gives users a quick and easy way to ensure that help comes quickly during medical or other emergencies. With patented GPS technology, the location of the elderly person is automatically communicated to certified agents. The medical alert device also has fall detection software so that an issue can be detected as soon as possible. On top of these smart and innovative features, you’ll also be able to find medical alert systems that are waterproof and relatively cheap so you or the seniors in your family are always close to instant assistance.

Bluetooth Hearing Aid Technology

With many senior citizens experiencing difficulty with their hearing as they get older, hearing aids can become a pivotal part of everyday happiness. New technology has allowed these aids to be simple, easy and customizable for maximum convenience by facilitating communication between hearing aids and any Bluetooth-enabled device. This way, elderly users can match their iPhones, iPads, laptops or smart watches to their hearing aids, and easily adjust volume, bass levels, and various other settings that are specific to each user and changing external environments. By making the navigation of hearing aids so simple, this innovative technology ensures that older users do not feel extra stress or pressure to change their hearing aid, and therefore are always comfortable and safe.

Voice Assistant Smart Homes

While the rise in popularity of smart homes and voice activation is largely due to the cool factor, they actually offer a valuable benefit to senior citizens who struggle from mobility issues and injuries. By acting as a virtual assistant that is heard through a smart speaker and connected to various devices in the house, smart homes allow elderly people to turn the lights and sprinklers on and off simply by saying so. The greatest benefit being that no movement or extra strain is necessary to complete a number of menial activities that can often seem tedious as you age. Alongside automating tasks, smart homes can also be set to ring an alarm and sound out reminders that be helpful to older people who sometimes find it hard to remember everyday tasks like taking medication of feeding the pet.

Technology is a booming industry that is not only creating fun products but also offering innovations that provide senior citizens with a better way of life. Whether it’s assisting in hearing, making everyday tasks convenient or providing extra safety, there are a number of technologies that can be beneficial for someone of older age, so be sure to keep your eye out.

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