3D Video Cameras: The Perfect Holiday Addition

Finding ways to spice up the holidays can be a challenge for even the most creative among us. Magazines offering the same old “new holiday ideas” appear in checkout lanes every autumn, promising exciting ways to bring sparkle to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Despite page after glossy page on cooking, wrapping, gifting, and entertaining for the holidays, there seems to be little that we haven’t done over and over before. After all, there are only so many ways you can cook a turkey.

The good news, however, is that recently technology has brought us the 3D video camera, a new gadget you can really use to make seasonal celebrations truly exciting once again, and memorable for years to come. Advances in video hardware and software allow companies like Humaneyes Technologies to offer a 3D Camera that produces 360-degree video that you can watch on any computer or mobile device – no weirdo glasses required.

How 360-degree video works
The magic lies in both the way 360 video is recorded and how it’s played. On the recording end, the video camera is really multiple cameras in one, creating a 360-degree field of view. Special software included with the camera “stitches” the videos from all the cameras together so they appear as one video on the playback device. 360 video can be played back on a standard computer or mobile device, and through Youtube or other platforms. The viewer can rotate the video to look in any direction they choose. Of course, 360 video can also be viewed using a standard VR viewers for a totally immersive

Now, let’s take a look at how 360-degree video can impact your holiday festivities:

Capture family gatherings
It never fails. At every holiday family gathering, there is always at least one family member who seems to want a little extra attention, usually it’s the uncle who drank too much but has a good heart. As you try to keep pace with his endless conversation, you miss out on making a video of the kids. Or, you get a video of the entire family enjoying the holiday feast, but you’ll be missing from the shot because you’re operating the camera. This is where a 360-degree 3D camera really shines. You just set it up and forget it. Go back and join the party. And don’t worry about readjusting the camera when everyone moves to other side of the room because the video camera is recording there, too.

Creates a lasting memory of Christmas morning
Nothing is more special or creates treasured memories like Christmas morning. The whole family gathered around the tree and the kids are ripping into presents, looking to see if this year their Xbox wish finally came true. With a 3D video camera, you can capture everything from the tree to the fireplace on the other side of the room, and everything in-between. And there’s absolutely no chance you’ll miss capturing the genuine joy of a child holding their first Call of Duty game, or the screams of despair when all they find is a sweater from grandma.

Take along on holiday travels
Many people take the holidays as an occasion to travel. Whether you’re visiting relatives, or taking advantage of off-season vacation destinations, a 3D video camera makes the perfect take-along. In the car or at stops along the way, the 3D camera captures the trip in full 360-degree awesomeness. Once back home, you’ll have more than a few snapshots or a simple video to enjoy. You’ll be able to experience the joy of your journey all over again in full 360-degree detail, and quit the “you had to be there” act, and just show your friends what they missed.

Capture a parade
Be it Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, or the Christmas parade in your hometown, there are few events that bring back fonder memories than watching a parade with the family. Sure, watching a 2D video of the procession helps you remember it, but being immersed in a 360-degree recreation of the parade lets you relive it, and to see things you didn’t even see while you were there.

Give a gift anyone will love
The power of 360 video to capture and entertain makes giving a 3D video camera an excellent gift idea. With all of the ways to use 360 video, there’s hardly a chance anyone will be disappointed upon receiving a 360 video camera. Giving one to someone creative can also inspire them to create their own uses for immersive video. Who knows, the ideas they come up with might just lead them to start a business, or may help develop immersive technology even further.

The real value in 3D video
A 360 immersive video camera can’t totally change the holidays. A turkey will still be just a turkey, and wrapping presents will still require more skill than you personally possess. It will, however, enable you to do something truly magical: to step back into those special moments and relive them all over again.

Image by Vuze Camera

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