5 Advantages of AR Technology for Business

Augmented reality or AR for short, has fast become one of the hottest trends in technology. Businesses are quickly adopting AR into their industries, and hundreds of applications for AR already exist, with much more still to be discovered.

There is augmented reality in the construction industry, medicine, engineering, architecture, and the list goes on. When it comes to the world of business and marketing, AR can capture your customer’s attention and increase engagement with your brand or product. Here are five advantages of implementing AR tech in your company’s marketing plan.

#1 AR Shows Huge Promise for a Developing Technology
AR is still in its infancy. This technology is showing great promise in so many sectors of the economy that it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay. The advancements in AR have led to widespread adoption of the tech in many different sectors. Imagine being able to show medical students a live surgery by a top surgeon at a medical facility in a foreign land?

AR is just getting started, and the potential for new applications of the tech is enormous. One of the industries that have already adopted AR tech and continue to use it is in marketing firms and their marketing strategies. AR provides a visual link from your customers to your products in real time from anywhere in the world where they have a Wi-Fi connection.

#2 Personalize Content with AR
If you want an enthralling and engaging response from your target market, then add an Augmented Reality experience to your marketing campaign. Personalized media with AR has a more significant impact than traditional video or still image marketing materials. Working with a team of developers and talented digital marketers can bring their products and services to life in a virtual environment that is wholly personalized user experience for the consumer.

AR marketing is a novelty that gives your campaign material a better chance of going viral by creating content that people want to share with each other over and over again.

#3 AR Stimulates 3-D Thinking
Marketing campaigns were limited to a two-dimensional interface on devices. AR opens an entirely new reality for digital marketers where customers can now view their products and services in a 3-D environment. AR is as good as putting your products in your client’s hands. Imagine an architect having the facility to show their client what the structure they want to design will look like in the existing environment. The client visits the site and can see the completed structure by strapping on some AR goggles. The final design is manifested into the landscape in every exquisite detail.

#4 Improve the Customer Experience
Use AR to improve the way your customers interact with your brand and your products. AR is perfect for an e-commerce environment, allowing customers to experience your products in a way never conceived before.

#5 You Won’t Forget an AR Experience
Do you want to create memorable marketing campaigns? AR can boost your campaign into the viral stratosphere. Every marketer wants to create that one memorable campaign in their career but most never manage to achieve it. AR can give you the platform to make your most successful campaign ever. If you create engaging content and execute it correctly, you could end up with an AR marketing campaign that’s as successful as Pokémon Go!

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