5 Benefits of Using a Complete Payroll Platform

The HR and payroll function is vital in any organization. However, it’s often an area with lots of paperwork and processes to ensure everything is running smoothly. With most offices moving over to paperless spaces, this department doesn’t have to get left in the dark. You can also forget about numerous spreadsheets and complicated procedures to get everything ready for reporting and onboarding.

If your business is looking to make payroll stress a thing of the past, check out the benefits of using a simple and integrated platform.

(1) Connection to every aspect of HR
Traditionally every element of HR processes was fragmented. This fragmentation could sometimes result in loss of data or duplication due to manual practices. However, with a complete payroll platform, this becomes history as everything happens in one place. A payroll tool like Zenefits has everything from onboarding to general reporting. Everything is set up correctly from day one, and salary changes and tracked time and hours can be automated. Once information is updated on the system, everyone that requires the data can see it, and work doesn’t have to be duplicated across departments.

(2) Automation
Some aspects of payroll and HR are time-consuming and manual due to inputting data in several locations. However, one of the many features of a payroll system includes automation of several aspects, including bulk information uploading for specific teams or communication about pay, bonuses, and benefits.

(3) Simple reporting
Reporting can be a cumbersome aspect of payroll, but using a fully integrated system means that reporting is fast and straightforward. Everything from job costing and general payroll reports can be completed. Plus, automatic filing helps to make federal and state tax filing easier. The reports also make understanding the information simpler for management and anyone outside of the department that requires it. These types of systems also include reports such as contractor payment summaries and employee detail reports, plus many others.

(4) Integration with other software
Many integrated payroll systems also enable businesses to link up to other software within the company. Most popular workflows connections include accounting packages and 401k software to ensure a streamlined and accurate flow of information for pay and benefits. Payroll software also links up to productivity packages such as G Suite, Asana, and Office 365. Businesses can also take advantage of integrations with performance management, business insurance, and travel software.

(5) Easy to use across the business and jargon-free support
Another benefit of using payroll software is that many packages are designed for ease of use by everyone, including non-technical staff. The package is set up so that data is easily inputted into the system, and everyone that has authorization can see changes and updates. When installing this type of system, there is a range of user guides and support available to make the transitions simple. Plus, you will have up to date software as part of the package. So there’s no need to make manual backups and updates to the system.

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