5 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

Sometimes the stresses of life become too much to bear, and we break down. Living with anxiety affects millions of people in the United States and can hurt your health and well-being.

Anxiety attacks come from rising levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the bloodstream. The body increases its production of adrenaline to handle the stress level. In some cases of extreme anxiety, this adrenal response can create a ‘fight-or- flight’ response in the body where adrenaline levels rise to their maximum.

The high levels of adrenaline in the blood as a result of elevated stress levels will create health disorders such as insomnia and paranoia. A panic attack has been compared to a heart attack in some cases, with people reporting feeling a tightness in the chest, elevated heart rate, and dizziness.

If you are feeling extreme levels of anxiety in your life, you should consult a medical professional immediately. Here are some other tips you can use to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety in your life.

#1 Break the Cycle
When you feel your stress level building, get out of the environment and break the cycle of thought. Take a walk around the block, or get up and make yourself a cup of herbal tea to lighten your mood. Stay away from the previous situation or activity until you are feeling calm again.

#2 Toss the Stimulants
Quit your morning cup of coffee and avoid all stimulants such as energy drinks and pre-workout supplement products. Check your diet and eliminate all sugar and refined flour from your diet. Make sure that you are drinking enough water and staying hydrated throughout the day.

#3 Control Your Breathing
It is important to control your breathing when you begin to feel overwhelmed. Breathe in deeply and then exhale to a count of four. Close your eyes and keep breathing deeply until your mind and body settle and calm down.

#4 Meditate and Talk to Yourself
Find a quiet spot somewhere at home or around the office where you can be alone and undisturbed for ten minutes. Relax, breathe and close your eyes. Try to empty your mind of all thoughts and focus only on your breathing. Practicing this technique will help you control rising levels of stress in your life.

#5 Support Will Get You Through It
Your friends and families make your support system. They are there for you when you need them, all you have to do is reach out. Talking to a loved one can help you deal with the situation so give it a try.

Closing Off
Living with severe anxiety can lead to dangerous health complications. Your doctor will be able to examine you physically, but you should consider visiting a psychologist to uncover the cause of your anxiety. Having someone to talk to can help you to lift the pressures of life, make the change you need and speak to a counselor.

In certain cases of extreme anxiety, you may be required to medicate to suppress the condition. Your doctor will give you a script for medication that you can fill at Pharmacy Online. Never adjust the dosage of your medication without consulting your doctor first.

With some time and dedication to improving your health, you can overcome anxiety and lead a normal, stress-free life.

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