5 Tips To Help Find The Perfect Influencer For Your Business

Consumer influence is often considered as a critical way to drive more traffic and ultimately sales in a business. The influence can be achieved through online content and social conversations that are designed in a way to influence how consumers make decisions as regards to what they purchase.

Content created by marketers is basically meant to influence and persuade consumers. But modern customers are quite savvy, meaning they lose interest the moment they realize whatever content posted is targeted to convince them into making a purchase or in simple terms when they note the content is an “ad”.

Whatever business you are dealing with today, getting a positive recommendation from a trusted person can bring enormous positive effects on your business. The power of brand influencers actually surpasses the effect most beautiful written content can achieve. Despite the fact that you cannot ignore the usefulness of brand crafted content, it is crucial that you consider using the right influencers that your customers trust and know on a personal level. That is why social bloggers and journalists with loyal followers are increasingly becoming the new brand influencers.

  • Why apply influencer marketing

In the modern social paradigm, most of the businesses rely on influencer marketing to boost the credibility of their business. This is true because many consumers are wary about believing whatever business entrepreneurs and brands tell them. In order to add a voice to your brand, then the use of influencers is the perfect way to go. Tomoson’s influencer marketing study reveals other advantages of using influencers besides it being the best and most effective marketing strategy.

From the above revelations, influencer marketing is highly effective. However finding the perfect brand influencers is the main challenge. In this article, you will learn five guiding tips for finding the right influencers for your brand. Working with wrong influencers is simply a wasted investment and for this reason, you need to find and work with the right ones. While many business entrepreneurs get tempted to consider the number of unique visitors and Twitter followers for specific influencers, it is worth looking deeper to be sure you get the best influencers you can count on. On that note, you need to get the question, “How influential is a person on social platforms?” answered.

The following are some of the crucial traits to check out on any online influencer before you hire them;

  • Relevance

What you need to consider before choosing a social influencer is whether the influencer’s content is aligned with your brand messaging. Going through the influencers’ posts is necessary so as to know exactly what kind of customers they are and whom they associate with.

In the content posted by the influencers, make sure to determine how provocative they are so as to drive more traffic and customers in the end; both millennials and older audiences.

  • Engagement

Your brand needs influencers that are interactive and engaging with their audience. The content they post should be catchy and compelling so that readers can respond, comment and share with their friends and followers. The percentage of return readers and new ones should also be considered in this case. An influencer that posts meaningful content will always draw return readers to their pages and that would be a big plus for your brand.

  • Reach

This is probably one of the main considerations to make when hiring a brand influencer. It is true that many marketers consider the unique visitors driven by influencers as a measure of reach but this is not the right way. What you need to know is that traffic and followers are just meaningful in reaching your target market.

Checking out the various social platforms that your target customers visit will enable you to choose the right brand influencers considering the platform where they are influential the most. For instance, in a fashion brand campaign, an influence with a more Instagram followers will be more influential than one with a large Facebook following.

  • Frequency

How often the chosen influencer posts on various social platforms is a crucial consideration that you can never ignore. The frequency of posting and the rate of return visitors tell you about the quality of the posts. In case the posts happen to be aligned with your brand message, you can rest assured of a huge influence that will market your brand to a larger target market. Any brand wishes to get all possible exposures that will get a visitor to click and check out their site. After, it is crucial to ensure the visitors come back.

Consistency in posting appealing and catchy content ensures that readers come back more often, bookmark and share the content. This means that the shared posts can reach a huge number of the target audience within a short period of time.

  • Authenticity

The authenticity of the shared content helps to build trust from readers and that is exactly the kind of influencer any brand wants. You need an influencer that shares compelling and engaging stories that lure readers to come back for more. It is the time that businesses shifted from only promoting their brands through some sort of adverts that are aimed at achieving sales. Giving clients some education on various issues affecting their lives in close relation to the products offered will mean a lot and may result to customer trust which will bring them back to your website again and again. You need to connect with your target audience and authenticity of content is all you need to check before hiring a brand influencer.

With the right bloggers and journalists, you can easily work together to create high quality and authentic content that the target audience expects from your brand.


Remember that choosing the right brand influencers can take your brand message to a larger target audience than any other marketing strategy available. Influencers already have loyal followers and audience on a number of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine among other social networks. There are many advantages of influencer marketing for your brand, so you need to get ahead of your competition to deliver what they do not deliver to the target market.

In conclusion, as a business, you need to learn who your right brand influencers are so that you can work together to create a successful influencer marketing campaign.

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