5 Ways to Make Videos Resonate with an Audience

Have you noticed that some video content seems to garner a far greater response, even though it may contain practically the same information? While there are many factors at play the fact of the matter is that some videos simply resonate better with their audience.

Creating videos is easy, but creating videos that resonate with an audience is not so simple. In short, you can’t just snap your fingers and expect to come up with a great video, but rather will need to carefully design and craft it so that it stands the best chance of doing so.

To that end, here are 5 ways that you can start to make videos resonate with an audience:

  • Find out as much as you can about your target audience

To create videos that your audience responds to, you need to know who they are, what they want, and what they already find appealing. As much as you may have a rough idea about some of this, it is important that you be proactive and build on it.

Normally you will first want to define your target audience, then figure out how and where they watch videos (i.e. which platforms), what sort of videos they watch, and what topics they are interested in. If you want you can go even deeper than that, as the more you know about your audience the more you can create videos that cater to them specifically.

  • Be unique – but not necessarily original

Trying to come up with a truly ‘original’ video that has never been done before or a topic that no one else has covered is difficult (and close to impossible, really). Rather than frustrating yourself in an attempt to do so – focus on being unique instead.

To resonate with your audience, you don’t need to give them a completely ‘original’ video – but you do need to make sure that it is unique enough that it stands out and offers them something new. It could be a new personality, perspective, or even a new slant on the topic – all of that could make for a unique video.

  • Connect with the audience by getting personal

People respond a lot better when they feel that they are dealing with an actual person – which is something that you can use in your videos by getting personal. In some cases that may involve divulging details about yourself or describing a personal experience – but it is not necessarily limited to that.

Additionally, although it can help for the audience to ‘see’ you in the video, it is not required. It is possible to connect with your audience through a voiceover, or even by including personal touches (such as your own photos) in the video itself.  Assuming you can pull any of this off, you will find that your audience is likely to be more responsive as well.

  • Inject an emotional element into videos

Do you know why funny and inspirational videos tend to perform so well? The answer is simple: They resonate more because of the emotional elements that they contain.

Research has shown that videos with emotional elements outperform other videos consistently – and you should take that into account and try to inject some in any videos that you create. Whether it is by using humor, awe, shock or even anger – emotional triggers will help your videos to attract greater interest and keep it.

  • Measure and learn

Ultimately if you really want your videos to resonate with your audience – you need to learn what seems to be working and what does not. To do so the first step is to begin measuring the effectiveness of the videos that you publish using analytics to track views, responsiveness, comments, and other performance metrics.

By measuring the performance of your videos you’ll have concrete data that you can learn from. Not only will the data itself reveal which videos resonate with your audience, but they will also act as a yardstick so you can experiment with different types of videos and see how well they perform.

If you really want the best results you should try to incorporate all of these 5 methods within your videos. Keep in mind that they work just as well regardless of whether you’re recording live footage or using screen capture such as at Movavi Mac screen capture.

While these methods aren’t going to guarantee that your video will ‘go viral’ or perform well, they are definitely a step in the right direction and odds are you’ll be able to see a big improvement relatively quickly. After that, it is a question of continuing to produce videos that resonate and tracking their performance. Over time you should be able to steadily improve your approach, attract a wider audience, and connect with them more.

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Vivian Michaels

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