Welcome to KING.NET

Welcome to KING.NET

KING.NET website re-branded to use QUE.COM as the premier website for our online assets. This is where I published most of my articles, HOWTO, tutorials, photos and blog.

For playing online games, go to GamesTrend.com or MultiPlaying.com websites.

I am using KING.NET domain for my email, and public profile in Cyber Security (Hacker – KINGdotNET), XBox Gamer Tag KING dot NET, GitHub as KINGdotNET, online education profile as KINGdotNET, Twitter.com/KINGnet and other online activities.

Sponsored by:

QUE.COM, MAJ.COM and CAV.com are web properties of KING.NET – Moscom LLC, a network of innovation.

Our Mission is to bring ideas to life, improve user experience, and continue to innovate for the next generation. Check our list of Games Trend and our Games blog.

IT Managed Services. We help our customers to bridge the gaps in IT to provide Strategic Technology Solutions, Operations Management, Cyber Security, Penetration Testing and Professional Consulting Services.

With a 24+ years track records providing our customers exceptional services in Managed IT Solutions, from Domain Name Portfolio Management, Managed Services for Email (MSFE), Managed Hosting Services, Managed SharePoint Services, Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, IT Technical Support, and IT Infrastructure Consulting.

We are also very active buying web properties to expand our network and support company’s strategic direction of future products and services. You will stumble some of our web properties Powered by KING.NET.

Get in touch? Please send email to em @ king.net with your business name, and a brief description of your project. Or use this contact form to send your message.

Thank you.


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