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Add your business products and services, simply click on the “YOUR ADS HERE” link below. Choose where your ad campaign to list under Diamond, Gold, Silver or Bronze. Please note, we don’t accept adults, gambling, hates, or illegal related websites. Send email to EM for any inquiry.

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Diamond (Current price $500 for three months). The Diamond ad campaign comes with optional 300 x 125 image display in the right widget front-page.

  1. – Internet Web Portal. Connect. Network. Business.
  2. Managed WordPress . You create your site. We manage your setup, backup and security.
  3. CAV.COM – Investing Online
  4. VGIE.COM – Let’s eat Veggies.
  5. – Health and Wellness.
  6. YOUR ADS HERE – Company Name + Slogan.

Gold (Current price $200 for three months).

  1. – Domain Name Registration Services
  2. – stay cool and fresh, minifan for smartphones.
  3. – Term Life Insurance
  4. YOUR ADS HERE – Company Name + Slogan.

Silver (Current price $100 for three months). Text only.

  1. Your Domain Your Brand Your Business.
  2. – Management of Assets and Joint Ventures.
  3. – Credit Cards Counseling
  4. YOUR ADS HERE – Company Name + Slogan.

Bronze (Current price $50 for three months). Text only.

  1. Savoury USA Cooking Thermometer – Send Mom a Gift
  2. Loan.PH – Apply for a Loan today.
  3. YOUR ADS HERE – Company Name + Slogan.

Economy Budget – Classified Ads Directory. Add your site today. ($19.95/year)

  1. – City of Fairfax.
  2. – Manassas Park.
  3. – Washington DC.
  4. – City of Chicago Directory.
  5. – Zambales Classified Ads Directory.
  6. – One of the Seven Wonders of Nature in the World.
  7. – Capital City of the Philippines.
  8. – Historical Capital of the Philippines
  9. – In the heart of busy Quezon City
  10. – or Spain, a country  on Europe’s lberian Peninsula, includes 17 autonomous regions with diverse, geography and cultures.
  11. – City of Iloilo is a highly urbanized city on South Eastern tip of Panay island.
  12. – City of Iligan or simply Iligan City is a highly urbanized city in the Northern Mindanao region.
  13. YOUR ADS HERE – Company Name + Slogan.

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