All 3 Billions Yahoo accounts got Hacked in 2013

Washington Post posted today “All of Yahoo’s 3 billion user accounts in 2013 were affected by its massive data breach — not the 1 billion accounts that were initially reported, the company said Tuesday.”

That’s a sad news for Verizon who bought Yahoo assets and now part of Oath brand. I don’t feel bad about them, they can easily write off this purchased anyway. Though on the other side of the business, I am concerned to all the Yahoo email users. Why are you still using Yahoo email? It’s time to move on.

Back in the early 2000, every time I open my Yahoo email I am greeted with so many spams. This is happening almost daily. I had enough and move on to create an Gmail account and never look back.

It’s a simple transition to move your email from Yahoo to another provider. You don’t need to delete your Yahoo email account. Simply, forward all new incoming emails to your new email address. In my case, I am using Gmail powered email address using my own domain name. Other alternative solution is to use Office365 or from Microsoft, they provide good email security with multi-factor authentication.

I did not backup all my old emails. I forwarded what I needed to keep from old to new mailbox. I created an “Automatic Reply” from Yahoo email with my new information so I can automatically inform family, friends and businesses that I’ve changed my email address. That’s all.

To tighten my email security. I activated the Two-Factor Authentication for email, actually I am using Two-Factor authentication when it’s available making harder for malicious users to get in to my account. It is highly recommended to keep safe.

Let’s secure one mailbox at a time.

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