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Anawangin in Zambales, Philippines is a popular destination for camping and beach outings. A perfect location if you just want to get close to the nature or just need a quiet place to unwind and relax. Anawangin offers a lot of adventure activities for a camping travel itinerary.

Anawangin is a crescent-shaped cove lined with pine trees on its shore which gives it a different impression compared to the other tropical beach resorts in the country which are mostly lined with coconut trees. The sand is white and soft with a mixture of volcanic ashes from the last eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. The cove is complimented by the surrounding mountain rocks giving it a picturesque and poster-perfect view especially when the sunset is giving-off an orange glow that reflects to the mountain curves.

How to Get There

Anawangin Cove is located in San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines. You can take public buses from Manila to Iba, Zambales which will consume approximately 6 hours. If you prefer to travel by car, the trip will only take around 4 hours via SCTex. Upon reaching San Antonio, a 10-20 minute tricycle ride is necessary to take you to Pundaquit (a.k.a Pundakit), the jump-off point to Anawangin Cove and the nearby beaches. From Pundaquit to Anawangin, you’ll need to take a 45-minute boat ride.

Best Times to Go

The best time to go to Anawangin Cove is during the month of January and February. It is the time when it is not too crowded and the climate is not too hot yet not that rainy and the waves are calm. December to June are the regular travel months here.


  • Camping / Bonfire – it is the primary activity you can do in Anawangin Cove since it is not urbanized. In fact, there is no available electricity in the cove. It would be the best time for family bonding and the like.
  • Rock Climbing – there are cliffs on the north and south side of the cove. The southern part is the most advisable for climbing. It is a lot easier and will give you a much better view of the island and the sunset.
  • Island hopping – you can explore the whole cove and the nearby islands thru boating.
  • Trekking – The lush forest of Anawangin is a perfect location for trekking adventure. Just be cautious of wild animals said to inhabit the spot.
  • Ultimate Frisbee – the wide sand beach is good for ultimate Frisbee. Invite your friends to try this fun sport.

Sights to See:

  • Camara Island – it has clear waters and colorful corals. The island has a great view of the open ocean. This is the closest island in the shore of Pundaquit. A 15 minutes ride from Anawangin Cove.
  • Capones Island – is usually a location for surfing adventures. A lighthouse from its top is also an attraction where you’ll be able to view the open sea. Capones Island is about 20-30 minutes boat ride from Pundaquit.

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