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.CO is the new domain extension that offers people and companies more choice in branding their online presence with a truly global, recognizable, and credible domain name. It’s the online space where people can fulfill their dreams and the world’s next great enterprises will have a home.

If you have an existing .CO domain, you can transfer your names at any time! Simply obtain the authorization transfer codes that were emailed to you by the .CO registry and follow the transfer instructions.

.CO is a new globally available domain extension that is a credible destination for businesses, blogs, informative sites, and more. Rapidly becoming one of the most popular domain extensions, here are some reasons to consider .CO as your next home online:

  • .CO is a credible extension with many names already obtained by top name brands.
  • Now you don’t need a long domain name with dashes! Get a better, shorter .CO!
  • .CO has excellent SEO potential and is considered the same as a .COM in Google searches.

With many short, desirable names still available, .CO is a new landscape for ideas and business online! Visit to find and register your .CO today.

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Are there any residency restrictions for .CO domain names?
No. Anyone, anywhere in the world can register a .CO domain. There are no residency restrictions whatsoever.

If I already own a com.CO, net.CO or nom.CO domain, can I transfer it?
Yes, we do support incoming transfers of any .CO domain names.

I received a notice about Grandfathering. What does that mean?
Grandfathering is a term used by the .CO registry. It designates the type of domains that are given first rights to the 2nd level equivalent of previously registered 3rd level domains, if that domain was registered prior to July 30th, 2008. For example, if you own “mydomain.COm.CO” , then the registry may have given you “mydomain.CO”. You would have been sent an email to your Admin Contact email address with your transfer authorization code.

What do I do with my Grandfathering domain?
Use your authorization code to transfer your domain to your account. The authorization code was sent to you on or about March 01, 2010 to your Admin Contact email address from the .CO registry.

What about 2nd level .CO domain?
.CO domains (e.g. “mydomain.CO”) instead of “mydomain.COm.CO” will be available for general registration by anyone in the world later this year. A .CO domain means more than connecting your site with Colombia! Get ready for the .CO era — a wide-open name space with literally millions of exciting, memorable options to choose from for an online presence!

When will general registration for .CO be available?
Open registrations start on July 20, 2010.

Can I use ID protect on .CO domains?
Yes! .CO domains allow ID Protect to be added, as well as Business Listings and other additional products.

What can I do with a .CO domain?
.CO works much like other domain extensions. You may host it, add email, setup a business card listing, use Rich Content, or any other service we offer. You are also free to change the DNS to any provider.

Can I offer .CO to my sub-accounts?
Yes. This will work just like any other TLD in that you can set the pricing and offer it to your sub-account customers

Is the .CO Registry System secure?
The .CO registry is built on a globally distributed state-of-the-art platform with the highest standards of stability, security, and performance. The .CO global network includes 14 existing global nodes, located across five continents, providing exceptional levels of redundancy and reliability. The technical infrastructure is specifically designed to handle high transaction volumes, to ensure for maximum uptime, and to protect registrants against malicious attacks and security threats.

Visit to find and register your .CO today.

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