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MANILA, Philippines – Twenty Senators, 100 congressmen, and all of their agents in the pork barrel transactions were named in the affidavit of Janet Lim Napoles submitted to the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Monday.

“To the extent of my knowledge, the following are the Senators, Congressmen and their agents and the officials or staff of implementing agencies of government that had connections with me and received part of the pork barrel,” Napoles said in her affidavit.

1. Biazon, Rodolfo and agent “Bernanrd”

2. Barbers, Robert and agent Rose Palacio

3. Enrile, Juan Ponce and agents “Dona Senora” Ruby Chan Tuazon, Lucila “Gigi” Reyes, Tet de Joya, Freddie Villamor, and Butch Tuazon

4. Estrada, Jinggoy and agent “Dona Senora” Ruby Chan Tuazon

5. Estrada, Loi and agents Lyn and Matt Ranillo, Butch Tuazon, Tet de Joya, and Pauline Labayen

6. Honasan, Gringo and agent Atty. “Danny” (Office of Senator Honasan)

7. Jaworski, Robert and agent Dudut Jaworski (prior to his election as Congressman) and Tet de Joya

8. Lapid, Lito and agent Zenaida Ducut

9. Legarda, Loren and agent Catherine Mae “Maam Maya” Canlas Santos

10. Magsaysay, Ramon and agents Patricia “Gay” Agana Tan, Bibing Agana Villacorta, Atty. Yacky Agana

11. Marcos, Ferdinand Jr. and agent Catherine Mae “Maam Maya” Canlas Santos

12. Oreta, Tessie Aquino and agent Carlos “Caloy” Reyes (Liason of Sen. Tessie Oreta)

13. Pimentel, Aquilino and agent Mon Arcenas

14, Pimentel, Koko and agent Jewel Pimentel, Luis ‘Louie’ Cruz

15. Revilla, Ramon Jr. and agent Richard Cambe

16. Sotto, Vicente and agent Jeniffer “Jen” Corpuz

17. Villar, Cynthia and agent Arman Padilla (Minority Block)

18. Villar, Manny and agent Jun Adriano

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