Report #1 – How to buy an EOS token?

A pleasant day. This is the first edition of reporting the latest initial coin offering (ICO) and other related ICO news. First coin is Ethereum Operating System (EOS).

It’s been a couple of days since the EOS started trading at and digital exchange. Thank you @kingcrown for the alert. I would like to share you how I purchased a few EOS coins of my own.

I will use Ethereum (or Bitcoin or US$ if you prefer). For this example, I’m going to use my existing Ethereum coins to trade for EOS. As of writing this article, Ethereum (ETH) is at $287 while EOS (EOS) price is $4.74 a big jump from it’s initial offering of $1.04. A lot of rich people today for the fast 5-7 days, lucky for them.

First, I transferred my Ethereum (ETH) coins from to Bitfinex account. From my Bitfinex account. I click on Transfer, Deposit, then I selected Ether for Ethereum. This will provide me of my Ethereum Wallet. I copy my Ethereum Exchange Wallet address.

In my dashboard account. I selected Ethereum. I clicked on Send/Request, to send funds. I paste my Ethereum address from Bitfinex to the recipient field, the amount of Ethereum to transfer. Click Send Funds.

Enter the 2FA authentication to confirm.

And you will receive the “Send Complete” notice as shown below.

Wait for some minutes to complete, the miners will execute their magic behind the scene to verify the transaction. It should be done shortly.

As always, is too slow to complete my transaction. I have to wait for 10 minutes to complete my transaction.

After 10 minutes, I received a confirmation from Bitfinex that my deposit is completed.

In my Bitfinex dashboard, I first check my existing Ethereum balance. Click on Transfer, Wallets. It will show my balance, in this example I have only Ethereum (ETH).

Now I am ready to trade my Ethereum to EOS. In my dashboard, click on Trading, EOS, EOS/ETH. In Order Form, change Limit to Market, I used my max buy amount using my available balances and prices. It is the green small dot (or circle), click it and it will calculate the total number of EOS. Review your order, when ready click “Exchange Buy“.

Let’s verify the order.

In my dashboard, click on Transfer, Wallets. It will shows my EOS balance.

That’s it. I’m now a proud owner of EOS coins.

Most of the time, if possible I transfer my coins to MyEtherWallet to have full control of my digital money.

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As always, do your own due diligence before investing your hard earned money.

Thank you.
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