Report – Cryptocurrencies in bloody July

This is the 2nd week of July of 2017 and it’s not getting any better for the cryptocurrencies. Let’s compare the first 2 weeks of the chart, the captured screen was taken last July 4 and July 10.

Bitcoin (BTC) down from $2579.68 to $2422.45, Ethereum (ETH) down from $275.29 to $222.39, Ripple (XRP) down from $0.256198 to $0.214168, Litecoin (LTC) down from $51.24 to $47.45, Ethereum Classic (ETC) down from $18.07 to $15.99. The first five of crytocurrencies maintain their position in the Top 5.

This week Top 6th to 10th hold by the following cryptocurrencies. The Dash (DASH) move to 6th spot, previously at 7th and also gain from $183.84 to $186.95. The NEM (XEM) on 7th previously at 6th bump down by Dash, down from $0.178023 to $0.139202. The 8th and 9th still hold the same currency, IOTA (MIOTA) down from $0.408521 to $0.257146 and Monero (XMR) down from $44.26 to $41.14, respectively. The 10th spot new holder is EOS (EOS) previously at 12th spot bump down BitShares (BTS). Though EOS is also down from $3.13 to $2.07 while BitShares also down from $0.241101 to $0.153355.

Chart from July 4th, considering this is a national holiday here in the USA.

Chart from July 10th.

Chart of Bitcoin (BTC) for the last 7 days, and current price $2,397. A little bumpy ride. No real action on early Monday crypto trading. We will report back for the remaining of the week.

And Ethereum (ETH) at $213.98

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Are we heading to a bear crypto market, beginning of crypto correction or just another slow Monday? What do you think?

Update: July 11 11:55 pm.  Just checking before going to bed. Cryptocurrencies trading showing a good life after a bloody Monday and Tuesday. At least for now, the last hour are all in green.

Will follow up in the morning.

Update. July 13, 7:00 am. The cryptocurrencies showing some life today after a gruesome 7 days of poor outcome. As shown on this chart below, most of them at least 10% losses. In exception of Bitcoin (BTC) -7.49%, Ethereum Classic (ETC) gain 2.48% and BitConnect (BCC) gain 1.38%.

Steem at $1.21 with a 32.95% losses. The price seems to be a discounted price compare to last month value.


As always, do your own due diligence before investing your hard earned money.

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