BlockMedia Report – Top 10 CryptoCurrencies current status.

The cryptocurrencies stumble after the recent criticism from Wall Street heavyweights, like  Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase and growing scrutiny in China. The news obliterate bitcoin’s buzz and down close to 10% in red and still dipping.

In 2nd position, Ethereum also suffer it’s value down to 10.93% as of writing this article. Ethereum is the most commonly use platform for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) including our own QUE Coin is powered by Ethereum.

3rd Place is Bitcoin Cash. Supposedly the advancement of Bitcoin, currently at $481.41 and -6.83% of today’s trading though the chart showing steady market.

4th is Ripple at $0.197 losing 9.01%. Still on Top 4 and at $7.5 market cap, very affordable for a good long term investment.

The 5th spot is belongs to Litecoin, current share value at $59.51 losing 9.13% of today’s trading.

6th place is Dash $288.53 and losing 11.16% of it’s value today.

7th place is NEM $0.22 also losing 13.34% it’s value. The price per token still affordable to invest. Please do your due diligence before you invest.

8th place is Monero $106.08 per token, 6.68% down though they continue to be in the Top 10 cryptocurrency.

9th place is IOTA $0.498 and still affordable to buy even losing at 16.62% for today’s trading.

and the 10th place Ethereum Classic $13.82 slightly losing 5.12% today.

There you go, today’s cryptocurrencies trading is not promising but tomorrow is another day of business.

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