.Blog extension is open for public.

Today .Blog domain name extension open it’s door. I don’t like their pricing setup e.g. premium pricing from $279 to $139,999 (ex. sexy.blog) per year, and thousand of keyword reserved, but what the hell. Let me get some.

I registered CyberWar.blog and now redirecting to my cyber security blog.
What’s your plan using .blog extension aside the obvious “blog” posting. Let’s exploit the possibility, care to share what’s on your mind? What domain you successfully registered and what’s your plan for the next 12 months?

Is it purely for investment?

Will you upgrade your existing .com website to .blog? I’m sure I will not use .blog for my main website e.g. Que.com

Where to register a .blog domain name extensions? Visit our friends at Moscom.com and NeedName.com website. Search for any keywords, if they are available you can immediately register and use it right away. The main advantage of early registration, you still be able to register a “cool” domain name for you business or blog marketing purposes.

I’m looking forward to hear from business website owners, investors, entrepreneurs or bloggers about their plans.

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