website update for SSL, DDoS Protection and Load Balance services

After 1 week of going live website. I need to check what next in our improvement project. The front-end website provides load balancing service but still connects to a single point of failure going to the same rpc connection. Though we already have a solution to address this issue to stabilize “always on” access to the blurt blockchain.

The will provide two sets of infrastructure that will provide redundant connectivity. I will not provide details at this time, the core team will definitely provide an update later on.

First, sharing the statistics for website. NOTE: Not including data from our sister websites e.g. blurt.word and

We have people coming from Germany, United States, Canada, France and Ukraine. So far, traffic coming from our friends in ASIA (Korea, China, India, etc) is low. It is safe to assume that many use other front-end websites that I mentioned above. That’s great for distributed access to the blurt blockchain.

Currently we have two websites in two different regions within the USA. The west region servicing the ASIA traffic and the east region support Europe traffic, this including traffic coming from the United States and Canada.

Improvement to come.

The website will be configured to multiple RPC’s e.g.,,, etc.

We have the following RPC’s up and running.

  • – @yehey
  • –
  • – @ericet
  • – Core Team
  • – Core Team

I’m going to build another website that will be hosted in Frankfurt or Belgium to serve traffic coming from Europe especially Germany (see traffic graph above), and as backup to other websites.

After that, I will build one for ASIA hosted in Mumbai or Tokyo, Japan. This will primarily serve ASIA traffic and as backup to other websites.

And if the assigned website is not available, your connection will steer automatically to the fastest connection available in our server pool.

The goal is to provide “always on” front-end service to access blurt blockchain.

Thank you for reading.

@Yehey Witness Projects

  • Witness Servers to keep Blurt network up and running.
  • front-end with SSL always on, DDoS Protection and Load Balance services to make sure you can access blurt blockchain all the time.
  • and other projects still in progress. Keep in touch @Yehey.

Vote @Yehey as one of your Witness. Thank you.

Visit scroll down till you see @Yehey, click the upvote button to vote. You can also use the form to vote or set me as proxy.

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