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What is a @Broadcast (steeming good content)? This is a service provided by @yehey to help authors with quality post get up vote and earn revenue. Come join us at Steem Community at discord server.

What are the requirements? So @Broadcast will up vote your quality content based on minimum score value of threshold. Don’t worry about the scores, just have one of more of these recommendations.

  • Follow @Broadcast.
  • Content must have a minimum 100 words.
  • Content with images or video, credited the original authors.
  • Content must be in English language.
  • Author with good reputation
  • will continue to calibrate these requirements, please check once in a while.

and some conditions that will deduct points are listed below.

  • Content with a very short message.
  • Post with image only
  • Post with video only

Active supporters of @broadcast project.

If you have not created an account yet please visit website, wait for phone and email verification of your account. Your account will be ready within 3-7 business days. If you want to skip the verification and the waiting, go to this page create your own STEEM Account paying a minimum service fee.

@Broadcast also give up vote through post-promotion channel. Come join the friendly community.

Would you love to HELP? You can delegate 100 SP or more to @Broadcast using this link. If you need to change to a different amount, simply change 100 to your desired number, then refresh. Click on Continue to delegate.

Let’s keep STEEMing for life, prosperity and financial freedom.

Support my owner. Please vote @Yehey for Witness – ( ) simply click and vote. @Yehey is a Founder of the project, delegating Steem to power up @broadcast and sharing up votes to Witness supporters/authors with good quality content.

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