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We are in the last quarter of Y2016 and closing 3rd years since the new domain extensions start popping out. I invested in a few extensions but stop buying when I don’t receive any offer after the first year of renewal. So basically, they are in red for the last two years and I don’t know when to dump these domains out of my inventory to stop the bleeding. The good news is, I was able to stop registering new domain extension.

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As of October 2016, here’s the top 10 gTLDs courtesy by site.

TLD Domains % Share
1. GA .xyz 6,509,396 26.50%
2. GA .top 3,830,027 15.59%
3. GA .win 1,051,830 4.28%
4. GA .wang 1,049,954 4.27%
5. GA .club 820,820 3.34%
6. GA .site 506,298 2.06%
7. GA .vip 463,144 1.89%
8. GA .bid 446,774 1.82%
9. GA .online 432,976 1.76%
10. GA .link 417,545 1.70%

The .XYZ extension registered 6.5 millions domain names. I tell you now, I don’t own any .XYZ domain.

I start digging to see who’s using the .XYZ domain extension for their business. In my humble opinion, I think it’s fine to use it for personal website or blog, but not for business website. Remember this is your Internet Identity, your Brand, your brochure for your products and services. You don’t want your prospective customers to go visit the .com version of your domain name.

I searched in Google using “” parameter to produce the first 100 results for .XYZ websites and created a simple chart as shown below for a quick understanding of how many are live, redirect, parked, etc.

The redirect gathered 73%, live website for 18%, 5% can’t be reached and 4% parked.

Of course, you will see Google parent company Alphabet using ABC.XYZ but nothing on their website. A link to read more and to the Investors page.

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The chart produced 18% for live .XYZ websites. Here they are:

And here’s the first 100 Google search results.

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How about you, will you use .XYZ extension for your business website or personal blog?

Let me know.

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