China is buying up the Internet

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I’ve got this headline from Business Insider “China is buying up the Internet” who detailed why domain name is an excellent investment opportunity. And domain entrepreneurs/investors calling it as “Chinese Domains” selling short letters or numbers dot com domain names.

What is hot in domain industry today? If you have some four letters dot com, it is selling like a hot pancake. You can easily sell it from $300 up to four figures right now. I actually sold $20K of my own four letter dot com last September 2014. Check it from the domains I sold over the years.

Here are some four letters domains SOLD.

MOKI.COM last sold for $66,100 on 2014-03-14 at NameJet
AIPU.COM last sold for $40,000 on 2014-04-16 at DomainNameSales
MACA.COM last sold for $150,000 on 2014-09-10 at Private
XIAO.COM last sold for $97,857 on 2014-12-24 at FindYourDomain
KOKO.COM last sold for $100,440 on 2014-10-08 at eName
MITV.COM last sold for $75,000 on 2015-02-08 at DomainNameSales
FJLY.COM last sold for $30,000 on 2014-04-16 at DomainNameSales
ZHAO.COM last sold for $50,000 on 2014-01-14 at NameJet
ACAR.COM last sold for $40,000 on 2014-01-29 at Sedo
BOHE.COM last sold for $85,000 on 2012-05-09 at 4.CN/ DomainNameSales
ASOU.COM last sold for $52,500 on 2014-09-03 at DomainNameSales
IDAI.COM last sold for $31,500 on 2014-09-11 at NameJet
ZYME.COM last sold for $43,000 on 2014-09-03 at Private
TOLO.COM last sold for $40,250 on 2014-06-18 at MediaOptions
SUAN.COM last sold for $40,000 on 2014-05-14 at Private


In Y2014 the selling price is irrelevant some sold for $50 up to six figures for an exceptional domains. The majority you will be able to get it around $200 for less competition. The trajectory of price is continue to rise up as an alternative investment. You can check previous sales posted at and websites.

The average price I’ve seen in the auction is $500 or more. I’ve tested it using a forum auction setup auctioning posted here. There is NO RESERVE AUCTION,  so the highest bidder will take the domain.

If you have the opportunity to own a four letters dot com domain name at affordable price range for you to acquire. Buy it.

What about the four numbers dot com? This domains falls under the “Chinese Domains” category, they love numbers domain name in dot com extension. The price in four to six figures asking price. I’ve seen six numbers domains e.g. NNNNNN dot com sold for at least $1000 in a public auction. You can’t hand register four to six numbers dot com anymore, you’re best bet to acquire this through public auction or after markets.

The market still young, five, six, seven and eight numbers dot com are still affordable. Don’t forget to invest wisely, check your own due care and due diligence.

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