Converting Games for WebGL

I am in the process of converting all games to support WebGL standard format.

In late 2013, Google announced a plan to deprecate support for NPAPI plugins (such as our Unity Web Player) in its Chrome browser. Now, it is September 2015, and Google has released Chrome 45 with NPAPI plugin support removed. Also, other browser vendors have started matching Google’s decision: Microsoft is shipping its new Windows 10 operating system with the new default browser, Edge, which has removed support for plugins like the Unity Web Player. Today, Mozilla has announced a plan to phase out plugin support in Firefox.

Clearly, the web ecosystem is moving away from browser plugins and we are quickly approaching the point where no current browsers will still be able to run plugin content. Given this outlook, Unity is diverting resources into alternative web technologies and will begin the end-of-life process of the Unity Web Player plugin.” (2015, Unity 3D)

It will take some time to complete all games to run in WebGL, but it will be nice to see all our games running in all Internet browser that exist today.

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