Decrypted: Alpha Ransomware accepts iTunes Gift Cards as Payment

If you’re a victim of Alpha Ransomware asking for iTunes Gift cards for payment. This is your lucky day, the folks from Beeping Computer and other people mentioned below provides a free tool for decryption.

A new ransomware called Alpha Ransomware was discovered and analyzed this week by Katja HahnS!Ri, MalwareHunterTeam, and Michael Gillespie.  This ransomware encrypts your data with AES-256 encryption and then demands $400 USD in the iTunes Gift Cards in order to get your files back. Thankfully a decryptor for this infection was able to be created due to a discovered flaw. - AlphaRansomware – AlphaRansomware WallPaper

Read the complete article with instruction on how to run the program and clean up your laptop/desktop including ransom notes.


If you used decryptor tool, please share your experience with us so we can share with other people who needed help.

Thank you.



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