Diamond Engagement Ring 14K Yellow Gold 0.90 ct Certified Round Cut D Color SI1 Clarity


Our jewelry is exclusively designed and completely hand crafted “in house” from beginning to end. We are committed to the highest standards of jewelry craftsmanship. Each ring or jewel is first crafted to perfectly fit the dimensions of your diamond or gem at your required size. Only then are the diamonds and stones hand set to give them a brilliant secure finish. All of our diamonds are “Conflict Free”, meaning that we adhere to the strict Kimberley Process rules and regulations.

This Ring Sidestones comes with a Round cut center Diamond of . 65 CT.

D Color :  
This diamond is a white diamond which appears colorless to the naked eye. This color grading is best for customers looking to get a nearly colorless diamond but still at an affordable price.

SI1 Clarity :  
This diamond has slight inclusions which are nearly invisible without a x10 magnification. Unless looking very closely , this diamond will appear perfect while still at a great price for every budget.

Round Shape :
This diamonds or crystals are cut to perfection and hand set for a brilliant secure finish.

Certificate :
This diamond or crystal ships with a certificate of authenticity by a professional world known certification agency. This certificate will stay with you as proof for this stone’s quality and characteristics for years to come.

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