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Love cooking? You’ve got to have your own Savoury USA Cooking Thermometer. Knowing the right heat (or cold) for your food is a key for a delicious and well prepared food.

Savoury USA – Cooking Thermometer our very own product please support us.

An excellent gift for your Mom, Granny, or your best friend.

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Before you serve that delicious food, check it with our Cooking Thermometer just to make sure.

Savoury USA Cooking thermometer with instant read for accurate temperature in seconds. BBQ Digital cooking thermometer automatically shuts off feature to conserve your battery power.

The best cooking thermometer making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Simply press ON, stick it and start checking the temperature.

Easy to handle all of your cooking needs. Digital temperature range with both Fahrenheit and Celsius reading options for your convenience. Range: -58°F to 572ºF (-50ºC to 300°C)

Digital Meat thermometer comes with a protective storage case for easy travel and storage.

Don’t forget our product is a 100% Amazon Money Back Guarantee so you can order with confidence. A simple way to say thank you for trusting our product.

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Customer Reviews:

I am Super paranoid about eating undercooked food. I’m the type of person who always over cooks everything just to make sure its not under cooked. I’m notorious for having dry or burnt food. I don’t know why I didn’t get a food thermometer years ago. My food is coming out so much more tender delectable and juicy and I have no concerns about whether or not it’s under cooked. This thermometer is the best it’s a lifesaver. I use it for all my dinner meals. by Kim Westbrook

I was so happy to get this meat thermometer. I have another cooking thermometer but it doesn’t have a long probe and I’ve found I couldn’t reach the places I needed to take the temperature of. Problem solved, This one has a very long probe. I’m also very limited on kitchen drawer space so the sleek design and protective storage case makes this a good choice for my kitchen. By Sue - Baby Back Ribs – Baby Back Ribs

The Digital Cooking Thermometer by Savoury USA is great. I love that it is digital and extremely easy to read. There is no guessing or trying to decide which line the needle is on as with other thermometers. The Digital Cooking Thermometer has an almost instant read temperature. I used it for a rib roast and when I put it in to test the temp it basically took about 1-2 seconds to read. All I did was press a button and VOILA! It was so quick and easy even my eleven year old can use it and read it now that she likes to cook and bake.I like that it has a long probe so I don’t worry about her burning herself. My husband also loves to use it for grilling. Our steaks come out perfect every time. I do wish the case to store it in has a cap on both ends, but I just make sure to store it so it doesn’t fall out or that the sharp end is pointed out. Over all I think this is a great thermometer to have for grilling or cooking meat in the oven. It is a good solid design and seems very durable. I recommend it for fast accurate cooking temperatures. By Kevin/Shannon

This digital cooking thermometer by QUE USA is a great addition to any kitchen! It is very simple to use, turn it on, wait a second or two, push it into the center of the meat you are cooking and get a readout right away! The long probe makes it simple to use even over a BBQ it allows you to be far enough away not to be at risk of getting burnt. By Judy

I love to cook and I really like this Savoury USA cooking thermometer. I like the instant digital reading of the temperature which happens within seconds. I also like that it has an automatic shut off that helps save battery power. It is very easy to use. I haven’t prepared certain things like turkey because I am not sure if or when the meat is completely done. I also do not want to overcook my food and this thermometer allows for the food to come out perfectly. By Cheryl Edinbyrd

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