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Do you want to be a Domain Name Entrepreneur?  Domain Investing is a good business but not easy as advertise. If you want to know about the domain investing, please continue reading this article and I hope you learn something.

You will read some posts from social media, blog or news that John Doe registered a domain name for $14.95 some registrars under $10 to register, and later sold the domain name for $5000 or more. That’s good a thing right? Well, they failed to mention how many domain names do they maintain before successfully selling 1 domain name. I know some domain investors mostly new to the business, registered a lot of domains but never got any offer for the last 12-24 months, and later drop them. Some bought domains in a new gTLDs extension with high or premium renewal fees where little or no demand in after market. Yes, the domain business is somewhat addicting and it’s hard to stop when you’re in front of your computer and trying to figure out if a certain domain keyword is worth something. You register it anyway, till your credit card is max out. Yes, just like any other business it’s not easy to make money. You need to learn the business, read more articles, participate in forum, ask more questions first before your spend your investment, do the learning cycle again, over and over. Then you decide.

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The good news is I think it’s doable.

This is my part-time and a hobby collecting keyword domains, with a very small portfolio close to 1000+ to manage. I have to sell or make money at least $10K to break even every year. With my “lean” portfolio, parking and advertisement pays for the renewal of domains and selling domains for extra income is a bonus.
Last Year 2016. I sold $11,655 net for month of Feb., this cover my yearly renewals. The months of March to Dec, if I make a sale is a bonus. My advertisement and parking combined is around $5K+ estimate. So last year, I’m on positive.
This year 2017. I sold $10,375 net for January, excellent start for Y2017. The Feb to Dec sales, advertising and parking are bonus. I can say now, I’m on positive earning.
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Takeaway from my 1000+ domain portfolio to make money
  • Maintain a lean domain portfolio, my domains examples are MAJ.COM,,,, etc.
  • I have a few keywords in other extension, 100 or less. I tell you now, this is for protection purpose only, no income will come anytime soon. If market demand don’t change, I will dump or drop them too. If you want to be in a positive earning, check your inventory and drop all domains without any traffic. Traffic is Money in domain business.
  • Use common sense when buying a domain name to add in your inventory.
  • Cheap renewal, do not maintain premium renewal domains. You will only make your registrar richer, not you.
I hope this will help other entrepreneurs out there planning to be a Domain Name Investors. More at Domain Investment.
Thank you.

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