Earn Crypto while learning about cryptocurrency.

Are you new to the crypto currency world? Read about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steller and other cryptocurrency through TV, news outlet or social media?

Why not learn more about it and in the process receive $10. I was curious to learn on how to use cryptocurrency and I found a tutorial at Coinbase.com website on how to use Stellar Lumens (Beginner Lessons), watch a 2-3 minutes video and viola $2 in my account. You can watch all available video training, and answer the question to earn the rewards.

If you use this link to create your account, we both receive another $10. I think this is a limited time, so check it out soon before the offer expired.

You can continue learning other cryptocurrency such as DAI, EOS, ZCASH, BAT and ZRX tokens. But when I tried them, all tokens has been claimed! The DAI, EOS and BAT status is Joined Waitlist. Maybe they will offer the reward again so stay tune!

Updated: July 19, 2019. The EOS reward is back on, click this link to get your $10 EOS token by simply watching the training videos in 2-3 minutes.

DAI is rewards is also available as of this date. What is DAI used for? There are many reasons to use DAI instead of dollars. It’s borderless, programmable, and collateralized. Plus it can held in a crypto wallet – no bank account required.

Brave and BAT (Basic Attention Token) a new way to browse the web. Brave believes that surfing the web should be faster, more secure, and more private without intrusive ads. Brave is a free, open source web browser built for privacy with several unique features. It block Ads automatically, no tracker , less clutter and fast access to the Internet. Basic Attention Token is an Ethereum based token that is designed to improve digital advertising on the web.

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