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Starting a business is hard but not impossible. You need an essential tools to run your business, from smart ideas, software, computers, office space, people, etc. Another important tool is your Internet bandwidth, where you will use to browse the Internet for research, sending email proposals, marketing campaign, voice over ip phone system, conferencing calling, social media, networking and other business related activities.

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OK definitely we need Internet connection. The next question is how much bandwidth do you really need for your business?

I’m a tech entrepreneur, I can read zero’s and one’s to find out what I need for my business. But most start-up business out there doesn’t have the in-house skills, mostly relying on someone else decision to get it for them.

There is actually an online tool that you can use to get an idea of how much Internet Bandwidth you need for your network.

I searched and tried many of them. I really like the Bandwidth Internet Calculator provided by One Ring Network because it is easy to use. Simply put up your numbers and get the recommended service. You will not be ask to enter your information to use the service. That’s cool.

Here’s an example.

  • In Video Conferencing, I think I need 2 to start.
  • In Downloading, Uploading and Media File Sharing, 2 is ok.
  • In Web/Email Usage, 50 per day should be enough. Though I know I received more including marketing emails, spam and junk.
  • In Streaming Music, ok not all work so 1 here.
  • In VOIP, for my office phone service. Some of us are dependent of using their own mobile phone to start. So put 1 or 2 here.
  • And lastly Streaming Video, checking youtube and other video services. 1 or 2 is ok.

After entering your numbers, you will see the recommended Internet bandwidth. For our example, we got 41.2 Mbps. Then, I will use this number to bargain with my Internet Service Provider.

Try it out for your self, plugin the numbers that you need to see your recommendation.

As I mention, I searched other Internet Service Providers for their own bandwidth calculators. Here are some of them.

Please do let me know if you are using other tools.

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