Exporting Distribution List to Excel

How to you export email distribution list from Office 365? Here’s how I do it. I know there are thousand of ways to complete this task. This one works for me all the time.

I login to Microsoft 365 Admin Center (https://admin.microsoft.com) using my administrator email address, password and two-factor authentication.

Go to Active Users, click the Export to CSV file.

QUE.com - Office365 Exporting Users
QUE.com – Office365 Exporting Users

From the “Views” you can select specific licenses e.g. E1 Users, E3 License, Kiosk Users, Office 365 Business, Plan K1, etc.

I export them all and clean up using Excel.

Open the file using Excel, then delete the records (data) that you don’t need. Basically, cleaning your data.

You can also use the manual import, following the steps below.

In Excel, open the file choose the “Delimited”. In Delimiters, put check on Tab, Semicolon and Comma. Then click on Next and Finish.

That’s all.

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