Flippa Unlimited listing for Domain auction is Expired!

Author: EM @ KING.NET

I read this article yesterday at Flippa’s blog and not happy about it. I go there to see some good domain names, monitor the one I like for my business and sometime list my domains for auction. I don’t have to worry if I don’t sell my domain for the first time because I can re-list them again to polish my listing and maybe lower or increase my asking price. Well, not anymore the unlimited listing for domain auction is about to EXPIRE after October 30, 2015.

My question is why change a business strategy when you can keep your seller coming back and stay active at your site? If your auction expired after paying the standard listing fee of $9 buried down where no one can find you, you need to pay $4.5 to relist it. It’s a 50% percent discount according to Flippa for not selling your name for the first time. Haha!

They need to work hard to increase their revenue after the acquisition of Domain Holdings in millions. I guess it didn’t go as planned, so they need to squeeze their earnings from somewhere else. One way to get more revenue is to charge Flippa’s hard working sellers. Well you won’t see my domains listed after this year.

Your alternative ways to list your domains for FREE. Join the Domain Name For Sale Group at Facebook, and many other groups created by other domain entrepreneurs. I’m sure you have an FB account. You can list it to NamePros.com Forum and this forum for free.

“At the beginning of this year, we made the commitment to you to offer free relisting for domain auctions. It was great to begin with, so much so that it went from a limited-run promotion to “the norm.” It seemed like a win-win: we dramatically increased our inventory and sellers loved it!

However, like too much of a good thing is prone to do, it’s become clear that offering unlimited free relisting is no longer in the best interest of the marketplace. The results of this weren’t immediately evident, but after some long tail analysis and insightful feedback from all of you, it’s clear that our platform is less effective when it doesn’t cost anything to relist.

This is why, effective on the 30th October 2015 (AEST), Flippa will enact a limit of one free relist per Domain auction. After that, the listing fee is half price of the original listing ($4.50 in most cases).

At any point, you may relist an ended domain auction as a free Portfolio listing, by using the easy link in the Seller Action bar on any listing. As a Portfolio listing, it stays active on the site for an unlimited amount of time and has the ability to accept or reject offers received.

Flippa is committed to maintaining a healthy and fair marketplace to buy and sell domains.

Any questions, queries or comments about this change, please feel free to share here or for more detailed insights into your account, please email support@flippa.com.” (2015, Flippa)

Online Auction image credit to MCTX.ORG.

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