Food Safety – A Key Issue In Retail Food Service Businesses

As a matter of fact, all of us are facing some in utilizing perishable food items before it gets spoiled. According to the researchers, there’s a generation of more than 32 million tons of food waste in the United States, and around 40 percent of Americans felt guilty regarding waste of food. Also, about 2/3 of the entire food waste is because of spoilage in the households, as declared by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

It is critical to store the food properly as it helps in maintaining and retaining their quality, nutrients and taste for longer. Storing food at the right temperature, in the proper container, and for the particular time span is what that matters. As a matter of fact, you will curtail the risk of food poisoning by proper food storage and eventually saves money since your food won’t spoil as promptly.

So, to drop off the amount of wasted food, we have listed down some of the creative refrigerator features to help you keep food fresher for longer. If you are looking for the incredible ways to keep food fresh for longer, then don’t overlook these unique cooling systems and innovative controls in a refrigerator that helps you prevent food waste.

If you are buying a new fridge, it is better to get a complete idea of the current offerings available in the market. I’m sure that you probably got confused due to many varieties loaded with various features.

Consider following types to find out the best model to suit your needs.

Single Door Fridge When we hear the word ‘fridge,’ we are likely to picture a single-door model. If you like to organize your foodstuffs in a compact manner, go for this type. It is perfect for bachelors or a small family. It is suitable for small spaces as it has a compact design.

Double Door Fridge is well-known due to its excellent functionality. Separate compartments to store veggies, beverages, medicines, and cosmetics help in organizing your food items properly. Some models feature faster ice making function so that you can be ready to serve chilled drinks to your guests and family at all times. Many varieties implement power saving technologies and may cut down your electricity bills.

Multi-Door Fridge models fall into a higher price range due to their high capacities and hi-tech features. You can put loads of food items with easy-to-access multi-utility compartments. You can access a vegetable drawer without opening the fridge’s door. It ensures extra freshness of the veggies as the temperature in the drawer is maintained no matter how many times you open the refrigerator door.

Side by Side Fridge is the feature-rich fridge. You can classify frozen foods on the left and the fresh foods on the right side. Some models feature water and ice dispensers, which are the additional luxuries.

Small fridges or under counter fridges with the capacities under 200 liters are ideal for singletons. These refrigerators contain wired shelves and ice trays for organizing foodstuff correctly.

If you want to keep ingredients fresh and within the allowable date of consumption, it is vital to meet the demands of customers and the set standards. Here, it is necessary for a caterer, restaurant, and other food stores to invest in the proper equipment to meet the strict demands of all parties. Commercial fridges are among those items that should be available in the kitchen all the time. Though, these items might be expensive and difficult to purchase if money is the main problem. You will probably find various sellers of fridges, freezers and other catering and restaurant equipment. Try to find the suppliers with the best deals or offers that won’t hurt your wallet. Some people in the food business are deterred from investing in them since large kitchen appliances are quite pricey. If you are one those buyers, it is essential to note that you can find a seller, whether online or offline, that might help you spend on such equipment.


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